Court Connection Program

Court Connection ProgramThe Court Connection Program provides child advocacy and recommendations o the Judge in custody cases (divorce proceedings or custody modification) in Superior Court or Family Court.

This Program provides lay guardian ad-litem services through a court order from a superior court judge (or a judge from a lesser court) requesting our assistance on a child’s behalf. The court order assigning our program to the child/children allows us to have access to them for interviews and also be privy to all confidential information (i.e. school records, medical records, day care center staff, etc.).

After investigating the child’s situation our staff submits a report to the court with emphasis on “best interest of child”. The report also addresses relevant information regarding potential custodians, as well as home evaluations and criminal records checks on all adults that might be living in the same home with the child.

For more information please call the Family Enrichment Group office (229-225-4338) or use the contact us form.