CASA Kids Program

Abused and neglected children need more than the foster care and child welfare system can provide.

  • A six-year-old girl rescued from an abusive father only to be bounced around to eight foster homes and six different schools over the course of two years.
  • Four children separated from one another and placed in different locations after their mother abandoned them.
  • A young boy prescribed 12 different psychotropic medicines by healthcare professionals who have limited access to his medical records or ability to follow-up on his care.
  • A teenage girl kicked out of her foster home, and forced to sleep on a cot in the hallway of a group home until she turned 18 when all her possessions were handed to her in a garbage bag as she was officially aged out of the system.

Unfortunately, these are not isolated stories.

They are everyday realities of children in the foster care and child welfare system. A system full of devoted and deeply caring people that is simply too overburdened and under resourced to protect the rights and needs of vulnerable children.

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A Child has Rights, We Fight for Them.

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The Solution is CASA Volunteers

A CASA volunteer is a specially trained advocate, appointed by a judge, who fights for the rights of children during the most vulnerable time of their young lives. A trusted adult empowered to ensure that each child is well cared for—able to find a safe, loving, permanent home. But 60 percent of the children who need a CASA volunteer do not have one. Almost half a million children in the United States don’t have the hope a CASA volunteer can offer.

Every child in the foster care and child welfare system should have a CASA volunteer. You can help us in this quest by providing the critical financial support, by becoming a CASA volunteer yourself, or by letting us know we can rely upon you when critical policy decisions are being made.

CASA Kids Program is one place where a single individual..
YOU .. can make all the difference.